Yup, it’s true, the first annual Cassette Store Day is this Saturday. In the shadow of the vinyl resurgence, the cassette has carved a bright and festive little corner in the independent music world. We’ve seen and printed wildly creative cassette packaging graphics as well as witnessed the immense amount of hand-work and heart put into DIY limited releases made using our blank “brad pak” cassette packages. In the sea of music-distro websites fighting for attention to reach audiences, it’s refreshing to see the kind of personal connection and expression achieved through this arguably quirky music medium. To honor Cassette Store Day, we made a limited run of Hot Pink “blank” “Brad Pak” cassette covers for the do-it-yourselfer. We priced them at $9.07 per pack of 50. Get it? The price is the date of Cassette Store Day! err… okay, it makes sense if you are located on our side of the pond. Regardless, we hope that the first annual Cassette Store Day on Saturday, September 7th is a success.